Shanon Door Irish Pub and Restaurant located in Jackson, NH Featuring Family Food, Pizza and Live Entertainment

The Shannon Door Pub & Restaurant

About The Shannon Door Irish Pub & Restaurant


Joe Mulkern and his lovely wife Kay moved to Jackson in December of 1953 along with son, Tom and daughter Alicia. Daughter Katie was married and was living in Randolph, Ma. And Red was in Korea, serving in the Marine Corps. Joe and Kay bought the Oak Lee Lodge which was a Ski Lodge with bunk beds and baths in the hall. They ran it as such for several years. In 1961 Kay died suddenly and Tom moved home from Boston where he had been working since his discharge from the Army. Yes it was “OUR” Army.

Meanwhile Tom and Tess and they took over management of the business and raised their 4 children Kathleen, Nora, Timmy and Danny. It is a true family run business. Red came home for awhile and worked the business until he went to work for the U.S. Forest Service. Katie came home for awhile before moving to Scituate, Ma. With her husband Donald McDonald. Alicia worked in the lounge for several years before settling in on Tyrol Mt. with her husband BJ. She fills in occasionally still. Her son Brendan works the bar along with his wife Renee. Tom and Tess’ daughter Nora is the General Manager, Nora’s husband Bob Bean also tends bar, Son in law Reed works summers, Tom and Tess’ grandson Liam works as a busboy, granddaughter Mae has started a face painting business at the Pub, we even put Nora‘s daughter Emily and Kathleen‘s son, Finn to work once in a while.

Our “newest member of the family” Jon Peterson has been running the kitchen for about 20 years. OH!!! yes the name was changed to The Shannon Door Pub around 1982 when we started doing Irish Entertainment. Around then Marty Quirk showed on the scene and we can’t get rid of Him yet. No longer renting beds, we have concentrated on the restaurant and pub.

Over the years the “DOOR” as the locals like to call it has grown steadily along with our vast list of customers and friends. Many happy memories of good times had by people from throughout the world. The “DOOR” has become “The Local” for our many friends and customers. It’s not unusual for third generation customers to appear at the pub and tell us their grandfathers told them to come here.

Many celebrities have graced our doors over the years to enjoy our award winning Oak Lee Pizza. Gordon Clapp, Emmy award winner. (NYPD Blue). Oscar nominee David Strathairn ( Good Night and Good Luck). Former Middleweight champion of the world, Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Ireland’s No. 1 balladeer Paddy Reilly. Mike Eruzione, captain of the 1980 Olympic Gold winning U.S. Hockey team, and many others. Check out their pictures on our sports wall.

St. Patrick’s week is awesome with Corned Beef and Cabbage featured along with our Shepherd’s Pie, Guinness Beef Stew and featuring Tess’ mother Mary Murphy’s Irish Soda Bread skillfully prepared by our chefs in the kitchen.

Shannon Door was featured in “The Return Of The Secaucus Seven” a John Sayles movie released in 1980 also in “Skeletons In The Closet” a David Powers film featuring Linda Hamilton and Treat Williams. We have been here for 59 years and still loving it.

The term“Cead Mille Failte” painted over the front door means in Irish. 100,000 WELCOMES
And that’s our welcome to you

Oak Lee Lodge Joe Tom & tess Cead Mille Failte